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Supporting the Exodus Foundation

Supporting the Exodus Foundation

Kaczanowski & Co are proud to support the charitable work of the Reverend Bill Crews and the Exodus Foundation.


About the Exodus Foundation



The Exodus Foundation are a Sydney-based charity, supporting the poor and homeless throughout our city. The Exodus Foundation's Loaves and Fishes restaurants and food parcels provide free nutritious meals to Sydney's disadvantaged, every day of the year. The free restaurants routinely feed 150-250 guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

The Foundation also provides primary healthcare, counselling, outreach, education and other services which are often unavailable to the needy. It is these services which can deliver enduring opportunities that help to break the cycle of poverty.


Making a difference


The work of the Exodus Foundation is supported by volunteers and donors. We are proud to be among them. Earlier this year we donated a number of leg hams for use in community meals. The hams were gratefully received and no doubt thoroughly enjoyed.


Support the Exodus Foundation


If you too wish to support the work of the Exodus Foundation, we encourage you to provide 'gifts in kind' such as canned food and shopping vouchers that can be used to purchase fresh produce. You can find out more information on their website.


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