Pressed Sandwich Ham


Kaczanowski & Co Sandwich Ham is a deli-style shoulder ham. Made from 100% Australian Pork, the ham is pressed into a boneless square that delivers perfect, sandwich-filling slices.

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Pressed Sandwich Ham Notes

A leg of certified Australian Pork is prepared to a Kaczanowski family recipe then minced and pressed into a rectangular mould. The minced ham is then slowly cooked in a casing until succulent and flavorsome. Vacuum sealed to lock in freshness.

As the name suggests, Kaczanowski Pressed Sandwich Ham is ideal for sandwiches and packed lunches. 

Product Notes

How To Store

Store at or below 4°C.

How to serve

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Product Features

  • Perfect sandwich-sized slices
  • Certified 100% Australian pork
  • Gluten & MSG free

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