Christmas ham in North Queensland: Where to buy

Christmas ham

Are you struggling to find a quality Christmas ham in North Queensland? It doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply look for the Kaczanowski name and logo.

Kaczanowski Christmas hams are available from butchers, delis and independent grocers throughout Queensland. We even have local North Queensland stockists in Richmond and Julia Creek. (Scroll down below to get more information).

What’s so special about Kaczanowski leg ham?

If you’ve never had a Kaczanowski Christmas ham, you’ll immediately taste the difference compared to standard supermarket hams.

Here’s three quick reasons to consider Kaczanowski hams:

  • Kaczanowski Christmas hams are made with Australian Pork. We take great pride in this fact. Plus, we use 98% Australian ingredients and prepare our hams fresh every day.
  • Our Smokehouse Leg Ham is little bit famous! It has won many industry awards over the years, most recently a Gold Medal at the National Charcuterie Awards.
  • Our hams are gluten free, and MSG free. We take enormous pride in flavour and quality, using time-tested methods and ingredients as much as possible. All our leg hams are traditionally smoked for a mouthwatering flavour.

Varieties and sizes

There’s a Kaczanowski ham for everyone. As a start, we have bone-in and boneless options, as well as quarter, half or whole leg varieties. Leg ham sizes range from ‘just enough’ (~4kg) to ‘feed the extended family’ (10kg+).

Where to buy leg ham in North Queensland

Ordering a half or whole leg of Kaczanowski Christmas ham is as easy as phoning – or dropping into – a local stockist.

Simply scroll down for details of our featured stockists. We recommend you place your order early – call or email the store directly as stocks and styles will vary with each store.

Julia Creek

IGA Julia Creek Foodmart | 54 Burke St, Julia Creek QLD

Order and pickup in-store only

Order by phone: (07) 4746 7193


IGA Laidlows Supermarket | 68 Goldring St, Richmond QLD

Order by phone: (07) 4741 3265

About Kaczanowski & Co Christmas hams

At Kaczanowski & Co, we’ve been making premium quality Christmas hams for over 20 years using traditional European recipes passed down through our family.

  • Prepared fresh to our family recipe, every day
  • Made with 100% Australian Pork
  • Traditionally smoked
  • Whole or half leg varieties
  • Gluten & MSG free
  • Providores of Christmas ham in North Queensland