Christmas ham in Penrith and Blue Mountains: Where to buy

Christmas ham in the Blue Mountains

Cooee! Looking for Christmas ham in the Blue Mountains or Penrith? Look no further than Kaczanowski & Co. You can easily order a half or whole leg ham from our stockists in Penrith, Glenbrook and Valley Heights.

Why choose a Kaczanowski leg ham for xmas?

It all comes back to the care and the ingredients used. All of our leg hams are made with 100% Australian Pork. We carefully cut, prepare and cure each pork leg with a family recipe, using a traditional smoking process to ensure the perfect flavour. We never add gluten or MSG.

Kaczanowski Christmas hams are sold exclusively through independent butchers, delicatessens and premium grocers. You won’t find our leg hams in the big supermarkets.

Where to buy Christmas ham in the Blue Mountains and Penrith

If you’re in the Penrith or Glenbrook regions, or simply passing through the Blue Mountains during the holidays, why not pop in and order a Kaczanowski Christmas ham.


Con’s Continental Deli | 31 Park Street, Glenbrook NSW

Order by phone: (02) 4739 8794



Bartuccios Fresh | Tukara Road, South Penrith NSW

Order by phone: 0404 494 434

Valley Heights

Deliham Food Service | 2/2 Tayler Road, Valley Heights NSW

Order by phone: (02) 4751 2011

About Kaczanowski & Co Christmas hams

At Kaczanowski & Co, we’ve been making premium quality Christmas hams for over 20 years using traditional European recipes passed down through our family.

  • Prepared fresh to our family recipe, every day
  • Made with 100% Australian Pork
  • Traditionally smoked
  • Whole or half leg varieties
  • Gluten & MSG free
  • Providores of Christmas ham in the Blue Mountains and Penrith