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Roast Lamb

Charcuterie Excellence Gold Medal 2022

Kaczanowski & Co Roast Lamb is made from 100% Australian Lamb. Awarded a National Gold Medal at the 2022 Charcuterie Excellence Awards.

This boneless, cured and pre-cooked lamb roast is an excellent time saver. Serve cold sliced, or gently heat and serve with vegetables.

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Roast Lamb Notes

We select a premium leg of Australian lamb which is carefully deboned and cured to a Kaczanowski family recipe. The tender meat is rolled, netted and slowly cooked until mouth-watering. Kaczanowski Roast Lamb has no bone and little fat, so there is less waste when it is carved. The whole piece of lamb is vacuum packed to seal in freshness.

Product Notes

How To Store

Store at or below 4°C.

How to serve

Serve hot or cold. To avoid over-cooking, heat lamb slowly, over boiling water. Find seasonal Roast Lamb recipes on our Facebook page.

Product Features

  • 100% Australian Lamb
  • Award-winning product
  • Gluten and MSG free

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