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Middle Bacon


Middle bacon provides a complete rasher (with rind, eye and tail) made from 100% Australian Pork. It is a rich, flavoursome bacon – prepared and smoked to our own family recipe.

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Middle Bacon Notes

Our bacon is sold unsliced (as a whole bacon side), suitable for cafes, restaurants and delis. Middle bacon is made from a premium cut of certified Australian Pork, prepared to our own recipe and slow smoked. The bacon is cut in length from the middle rib area with rind, eye and tail. The cut does not contain rib bones.

Product Notes

How To Store

Store at or below 4°C.

How to serve

Find seasonal recipes for middle bacon on our our Facebook page.

Product Features

  • Perfect for slicing into rashers
  • Certified 100% Australian pork
  • Gluten & MSG free

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