Corned Beef Eye Silverside

Corned Beef Eye Silverside is made from a premium ‘eye’ of Australian yearling beef. This flavoursome silverside is cured with our own mix of spices, and cooked until tender. Corned Beef is ideal on Reuben Sandwiches or tossed through a breakfast hash.

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Corned Beef Eye Silverside Notes

Corned Beef Eye Silverside uses the premium ‘eye’ cut of Australian yearling beef (distinguishing it from regular Corned Beef Silverside which does not use the eye). Our traditional curing and cooking process achieves the lingering, piquant flavour that is familiar to corned beef. Our Corned Beef Eye Silverside is extremely popular, and has been consistently awarded medals over many years at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Shows. It is the choice of gourmet delis and fine food cafes around Australia.

Product Notes

How To Store

Store at or below 4°C.

How to serve

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Product Features

  • Premium yearling ‘eye’ cut
  • 100% Australian beef 
  • Gluten & MSG free

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