Smokehouse Leg Ham

Sydney Royal Fine Food Show Silver Medal 2017Charcuterie Excellence Gold Medal 2022

We take a premium leg of certified Australian Pork and carefully prepare it to a Kaczanowski family recipe. Ideal as a festive Christmas ham for xmas lunch or dinner.

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Smokehouse Leg Ham Notes

Kaczanowski smokehouse leg ham was recently awarded a Gold Medal at the 2023 Charcuterie Excellence Awards, affirming its position among the best Christmas ham in Australia.

We prepare every Smokehouse Leg Ham fresh in our factory. The Pork leg is first cured with a salt brine, drawing out the delicate pink colour and preserving the succulent meat. Then the ham is cooked (bone-in) and smoked over a secret blend of wood shavings. The process infuses the ham with its award-winning flavour.

The smokehouse bone-in leg ham is available as a ‘butt’ (cut from the top of the ham leg) or a ‘shank’ (cut from the bottom of the ham leg).

Product Notes

How To Store

Store at or below 4°C. When refrigerated correctly, Leg Ham can be left unopened for up to two months.

When opening, remove the outer bag and wipe the ham with a clean cloth.

To remove the surface rind, loosen around the edge with a sharp knife then gently pull back the rind in one piece and put aside. Once you have sliced the desired amount of ham, place the rind back on the ham and cover with a clean tea towel or ham bag that has been dipped in a solution of 2 cups of water to 1 tablespoon of vinegar with the excess squeezed out.

Replace the tea towel or ham bag every three days, your ham will stay moist and fresh tasting for up to three weeks.

How to serve

Seasonal recipes can be found on our Facebook page.

Product Features

  • Medium smokey flavour – Perfect for Christmas
  • Certified 100% Australian pork
  • Gluten & MSG Free

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