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Virginia Ham

Sydney Royal Fine Food Show Bronze Medal 2017

98% fat free, Kaczanowski Virginia ham is a delicious and lean alternative to traditional cuts of Pork leg. Made from 100% Australia pork.

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Virginia Ham Notes

Kaczanowski Virginia ham is 98% fat free, boneless and skinless. We take a leg of certified Australian Pork then net it into a succulent oval. After loving preparation it is cured, cooked and smoked to our own recipe.

Product Notes

How To Store

If left unopened Virginia Hams will keep at or below 4°C for 8 weeks. Remove the vacuum packaging from the ham then the casing or netting that is covering the Ham. Once opened, slice only what you need with as little handling as possible, then cover with foil or a ham bag and refrigerate immediately. Stored correctly, opened hams will stay fresh for 1-2 weeks.

How to serve

Well-suited to sandwiches and tasting plates. Find more seasonal recipes on our Facebook page.

Product Features

  • Extra lean cut – 98% fat free
  • Certified 100% Australian pork
  • Gluten & MSG Free

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