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Ham and Ricotta Cornetti

Ham and Ricotta Cornetti
This scrumptious appetiser is a clever way to use leftover Christmas ham. We think it might just be the perfect dish for summer entertaining.

Smoked leg ham and ricotta cheese are a classic flavour combination - used in everything from salads to casseroles. Here, the addition of Nicholson’s Porcini Seasoning Sprinkle and Blood Plum Finishing Sauce adds an exciting new dimension.
Makes 4 entree serves (3 cornet per serve)

12 slices Kaczanowski Double Smoked Ham
1 tsp Nicholson Porcini Seasoning Sprinkle
50ml Nicholson Blood Plum Finishing Vinegar
1 cup Mixed green herbs: Basil, Parsley, Dill & Thyme
250g Ricotta cheese
30ml Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
1. Chop a cup of mixed green herbs and mix into 250g of fresh ricotta cheese.

2. Season with a table spoon good olive oil, a teaspoon of Porcini Seasoning Sprinkle and some ground black pepper. Taste to check the seasoning is correct.

3. Place a good amount of the ricotta mix on to the ham slice and roll into a cornet shape.

4. Place three Cornetti onto a serving plate. Garnish with picked herbs and a splash of olive oil. 

5. Finally, dress with Italian Style Blood Plum Finishing Vinegar.

Source: This delicious summer ham recipe comes via our friends at Nicholson Fine Foods.
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