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Country of Origin Labelling

Country of Origin Labelling

In recent months, you may have noticed a small but important change to our packaging. All of our products now feature updated Country of Origin labels. You’ll now see a kangaroo icon, a green percentage bar and an explanatory message about the origin of the Pork, Beef, Lamb or Chicken. This new labelling scheme replaces the older-style ‘Australian Made’ information that you would be used to seeing.


What’s changed, and what’s it all mean?


The new Country of Origin labelling scheme was introduced by the Federal government in 2016 to help consumers better distinguish Australian and imported food products. 

The new approach also recognises that Country of Origin is not a black and white concept. Many of today’s food products draw on global supply chains, multi-national production processes and use ingredients from around the world. So in many cases, ‘Australian Made’ is a question of degrees.

From July 1, 2018, all smallgoods must indicate what percentage of their ingredients are Australian, and where the major ingredients come from.


A change for the better?

At Kaczanowski, we welcome the new Country of Origin labelling requirements. We know that many people choose their bacon, ham or pastrami based on whether it's Australian Made. But we also know that many people find it hard to know the difference when they're in the supermarket or at the deli counter. The new labelling laws are a big step towards making consumers better informed.

While our labels may have changed, our products have not. Rest assured, all our products are made from Australian grown Pork, Beef, Chicken or Lamb. 

In many cases we are able to source direct from the farmer. You can be sure that we never use imported meats. Moreover, all cooking, production and packaging is carried out in our South Strathfield factory, using 98% Australian ingredients. We only use imported ingredients when no equivalent product is locally available.

If you have any questions about our products or labels, please get touch.

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