Costco adds Kaczanowski smallgoods

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If you’ve recently visited a Costco store in Australia or New Zealand, you might have seen a few Kaczanowski products in the deli section.

Local deli products available at Costco stores

Despite being a global business, Costco try and work with local food and grocery suppliers in Australia and New Zealand.

This means that Costco members get access to exclusive and high-quality products they wouldn’t normally expect to see in a big grocery store – including Kaczanowski.

We’re delighted to be offering some of our award winning smallgoods and deli products to Costco members in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Smoked Chicken Breast is widely sold in Costco stores throughout Australia, and Pork Speck has recently been added to Costco New Zealand stores.

Smoked Chicken Breast 

Australian smoked chicken breast from Kaczanowski & Co

Smoked Chicken Breast is one of our signature products and has won awards since we introduced it in 2015. Most recently, taking home a Gold Medal from the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show. 

It’s made from a whole double chicken breast (without mincing or forming like you’d expect from lower quality chicken products). The chicken breast is cured, cooked and smoked to our own recipe. It’s sold ready-to-eat and can be used on sandwiches, risotto or any pasta dish.

Pork Speck

Sliced Australian bacon and speck

Kaczanowski Pork Speck was recently awarded a Silver Medal at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show. 

Our Pork Speck is made from Australian Pork belly, salted and prepared to our own recipe, and smoked in a traditional manner. 

Speck is a great alternative to bacon, can be fried or baked, or can be cooked in with garlic and spices to make a rich pasta sauce base. 

Where to buy

Costco members can find our products at their local store. Costco stores are located across Australia and New Zealand, and many are listed on our website Stockists page.