Christmas ham in Wollongong: Where to buy

Glazed ham for Christmas in Wollongong

Where can you buy Kaczanowski & Co Christmas ham in Wollongong? Our Wollongong and Illawarra region stockists include independent butchers, delicatessens and premium grocers.

On the Wollongong region we have local stockists in Fairy Meadow, Gwynneville and Helensburgh. You can also find stockists further along the NSW South Coast.

Kaczanowski & Co hams are a big step up from your typical supermarket ham. All of our leg hams are made with 100% Australian Pork, supporting Aussie food producers.

Our Pork legs are carefully cured and prepared to our family recipe, and traditionally smoked. So you’re always assured of an unforgettable ‘Christmas’ flavour.

If you live in Wollongong, or you’re visiting family and friends over xmas, make sure you drop into a local stockist and ask for Kaczanowski Christmas ham by name.

Fairy Meadow

Corrado & Frank | 121-127 Jardine St, Fairy Meadow NSW 

Order by phone: (02) 4284 8777


Gwynneville Post, Lotteries & Art Hub | 3/186 Gipps Rd, Gwynneville NSW 

Order by phone: (02) 4229 4190



Christian’s Premium Meats | 2/19 Walker St, Helensburgh NSW

Order by phone: (02) 4294 2005

Free home delivery available

About Kaczanowski & Co Christmas hams

At Kaczanowski & Co, we’ve been making premium quality Christmas hams for over 20 years using traditional European recipes passed down through our family.

  • Prepared fresh to our family recipe, every day
  • Made with 100% Australian Pork
  • Traditionally smoked
  • Whole or half leg varieties
  • Gluten & MSG free
  • Stockists of Christmas ham in Wollongong NSW