3 delicious ways to use Cook-In-Bag Beef

Cook-In-Bag Beef Lamb Pork - Kaczanowski

Cook-In-Bag Beef (aka Heat and Serve Roast Beef) is one of our most versatile deli meats. From roasts to sliders, salads to sandwiches, it’s quick and ready-to-eat in lots of different ways.

What is Cook-In-Bag Beef?

Simply put, Cook-In-Bag Beef is a faster way to make delicious roast beef. It’s a popular choice of hotels and restaurants who need to get a delicious roast on the table – fast!

Plus, it’s a cheat’s way to make pulled beef for burgers (using a well cooked roast), and of course can be sliced for sandwiches and meat platters.

How is it made?

This product is made from certified Australian beef (blade shoulder) and is carefully prepared using our Kaczanowski family recipe.

After we rub it with some spices the meat is placed into a vacuum bag and then cooked in its own juices over a low heat.

The secret is time, and low intervention. Just letting the natural flavours do their work. Once cooked, we don’t open the bag, we just label and dispatch it. This ensures that every cut is as fresh, tender and tasty as can be.

Note: We also offer Pork, Lamb and Chicken varieties as part of our Cook-In-Bag range.

Meal ideas with Cook-In-Bag Beef

Cook-In-Bag Beef is suitable for making pulled beef for burgers, as well as for use in sandwiches and heat-and-serve roast beef. Below are some of our favourite recipes to get you inspired.

Gourmet Roast Beef Sandwich with Horseradish Cream

Try Kaczanowski roast beef thin sliced in these delicious sandwiches

This recipe take you through making horseradish cream from scratch. Combine with few slices of Cook-In-Bag Beef for mouth-watering results.

Recipe from Billy Parisi

Make-At-Home Pulled Beef Sliders

Pull our roast beef apart with a fork for mouth-watering results

Rather than starting from scratch with a side of beef, save time by roasting our Cook-In-Bag Beef. Simply remove from the vacuum bag and cook until falling apart.

Recipe from Live Love Nourish

Quick Roast Beef with Chilli Parmesan Cauliflower

Classic roast made easy with Kaczanowski Cook-In-Bag Beef

No time? No worries. Remove our Beef from the vacuum bag and gently heat for 5-10 minutes. Serve with the Chilli Parmesan Cauliflower for an unforgettable Sunday roast.

Recipe from ABC Delicious