How to Carve and Store an Xmas Ham


Proper carving technique will ensure you get the most our of your Kaczanowski xmas leg. 


1. Lay the ham on a chopping board and place a tea towel over the shank (the part with the bone). The tea towel will help you keep a better grip on the ham while carving. 

2. Find the edge of the ham skin and work your fingers underneath, lifting it from the meat beneath. You should then be able to gently fold the skin toward the shank. A good rule of thumb is to fold the skin back about halfway.

Note: You may wish to use a skewer to hold the skin back.

3. Using a carving knife, make a downward cut about 1/2cm from the end the ham. When you hit the bone, carve downward, as before, then sideways to cut the slice away from the bone. Place the slices on a decorative platter to serve.

4. Once you’ve finished carving your ham, fold the skin flap back over the meat, place the leg into a wet ham bag and store in the fridge. 

All Kaczanowski bone-in hams are traditionally cooked and smoked and will keep for 2-3 weeks when correctly cut and stored.


Visual learner? Check out this great video demonstrating how to carve and store a Christmas ham, produced by our friends at Tender Valley Meats.

Image credit: Steven Lilley