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Listed among best Christmas hams 2015

Listed among best Christmas hams 2015
The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide has listed our Smokehouse Leg Ham in Australia’s top 5 Christmas hams for 2015.

In a national competition conducted by Good Food Guide, a panel of expert critics judged hams for flavour, colour, aroma, texture and the elusive ‘x factor’ - providing a combined score out of 20. The Good Food Guide ham competition is an annual event, intended to help discerning consumers find the perfect ham for their holiday feast.

Impressing the critics

Christmas ham is no easy thing to judge given the diversity of ways in which a leg can be prepared and smoked. But, despite this solemn challenge, we suspect the taste-testers had lots of fun.

The Good Food Guide ranked our Smokehouse Leg Ham overall 4th, commenting that it looked “perfect to the point of looking like a prop from The Flintstones” and praised its plumpness, golden exterior and succulent, deep flavour. 

It is worth also pointing out that within the field of shortlisted entrants, our hams are among the very best value: offering award-winning flavour, without the price tag of many boutique ‘hipster’ hams. 

A favourite with families

It’s not just professional food critics that believe our Christmas hams are delicious. Every year we receive correspondence from happy customers across Australia:

What's our secret to award-winning Christmas ham?

At Kaczanowski & Co we use only Australian certified pork prepared to our award-winning family recipe. We pride ourselves on delivering products with exceptional flavour and quality, day-in and day-out. So you are guaranteed that the ham you purchase from one of our outlets is the same ham which we submit for judging.
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