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Christmas in July Menu: Traditional vs Modern

Christmas in July Menu: Traditional vs Modern

Most Aussies are familiar with Christmas in July. It's everything you love about the Christmas season - only without any of the usual stress, or heat, or family dramas. The old-fashioned yuletide rules don't apply. You're free to invite anyone you like, to pick and date and time that suits you, and prepare the Christmas menu that you want. 

For those of use who like to cook, Christmas in July open up all sorts of festive and culinary possibilities. None more pressing than deciding weather your feast should be traditional or modern.

Traditional Christmas in July menu ideas

One approach is to go traditional: serving up a feast of warm, rich winter comfort foods. It's hard to go wrong with a classic xmas menu

Make use of early winter produce with a Creamy Cauliflower Soup to warm up your guests. Keep the Buble Christmas Hits on repeat, while you roll out the Honey-Roasted Vegetables and Sage & Walnut Stuffed Turkey (pictured). If anyone has room, finish up with a Mini Mince Pie (or three) and a beaker of Mulled Wine.

Alternative Christmas in July menu ideas

On the other hand, Christmas in July is a chance to break away from the tried-and-true, and instead take a festive twist on winter produce and family favourites. 

Since the 'rules' don't apply - start with a sweet - like Caramel Popcorn, then move onto a hearty main course like Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding (pictured) accompanied by a Creamy Bacon Potato Bake and a seasonal Radicchio & Basil Salad. Finish with a lighter dessert, like Poached Pears stuffed with Fruit Mince

Don't forget the Australian Christmas Ham

No matter whether you choose a traditional menu, or a modern menu, no Christmas feast is complete without an Australian Leg Ham to grace the table. Christmas Ham is a versatile family favourite that can be served either hot or cold, with minimal fuss. 

For the best flavour, look for a certified Australian leg ham that has been traditionally smoked over hickory. The choice of bone-in or boneless variety depends upon your cooking and carving preference and will not affect flavour. 

If quality is important to you, we recommend that you avoid the supermarket chains. Purchase a Kaczanowski leg ham from your local deli, butcher or independent grocer. Place your orders today for pickup in July!

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