About Us

About Kaczanowski & Co

Kaczanowski & Co are an Australian, family-owned business, producing award-winning pastrami, Christmas hams and deli smallgoods.

Our story

Kaczanowski & Co began as a butcher shop in Summer Hill, where Grandfather Kaczanowski experimented with recipes for brines and cures. Before long we had our own range of smallgoods and a thriving family business. 

Today, we continue to use Grandfather's recipes alongside new and innovative products. Over three generations we have built a reputation for excellence that continues to win new fans and industry awards. In 2014, we were nominated for the RAS President's Medal - the highest honour that can be given to an Australian food producer. 

Our company values



Our processes are HAACP certified, ensuring the highest standards of food handling and manufacture.



We are committed to developing cooking, curing and smoking processes with low environmental impact.



We do not use imports. Our products are made from 100% Australian Pork, Beef, Lamb and Chicken.